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Query ID : 725
Date : 2014-05-27
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : You will have to submit it in hard copy at the time of joining.

Query : sir can i get any sit against vacant seat if any vacant seat available

Query ID : 724
Date : 2014-05-26
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : We are sorry to inform you that the admissions are over....

Query : Where can i Get a list of FAQ for Executive MBA program. Here most queries are for SCIT ITBM

Query ID : 723
Date : 2014-05-26
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Currently we do not have a FAQ for Executive MBA. We will note your suggestion. You may post your question here for now.

Query : was the hostel registration/induction date changed?if yes whats the update.

Query ID : 722
Date : 2014-05-26
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : The opening induction session has been pre-poned from 6th June to 4th June and hostel registration starts from 2nd June.. The same has been mentioned in the Welcome Email.

Query : Sir, I get short listed in the 5th merit list and was granted provisional admission in mid May. Since the programme commences on 6th June , It's very difficult to complete all the topics and assignments given in the portal in such a short span. Can we have a fixed date as to when to submit the assignments...? It's next to impossible in such a short time frame.

Query ID : 721
Date : 2014-05-26
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Try to complete as much as you can as they will be helpful for the pre- induction exam...The examination date will be conveyed to you after the commencemen t of the session....

Query : Hi, wanted to know regarding the pre-induction module - for PGDITBM do we have to complete all the assignments before joining the course i.e before 9th June? As am still working, and when will the exam be conducted for these assignments?

Query ID : 720
Date : 2014-05-25
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Yes.. all the assignments should be completed before the commencemen t of the session..Date of the exam will be notified to all once the session starts.

Query : Will a Gazetted officer's attestion of the documents do or should we get the documents attested only from a notary or lawyer?

Query ID : 719
Date : 2014-05-25
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Gazetted officer's attestation will do..

Query : Hii, whom to contact for hostel registration and where to report after reaching the college?

Query ID : 718
Date : 2014-05-24
Query Asked to : Student

Reply : The registration desk will be placed in the academic block.. and faculty members will be there to guide you.