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Query : I have made the payment for SCIT but I did not enter my hobbies and achievement and now i am not able to open the registration form as they have been closed. Will it affect my admission process?

Query ID : 780
Date : 2014-12-21
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Hello, If you have registered for SCIT and successfully made payment for the same, you are considered as registered applicant and should not encounter any problem in admission process.

Query : what is the cutoff marks for general category for scit?

Query ID : 779
Date : 2014-12-20
Query Asked to : Student

Reply : It is not fixed and changes every year,but for information SCIT cutoff was 68.0183 last year.

Query : hi, i m an electrical engineer with little knowledge of C ,C++,php. Would it be advisable for me to opt for ITBM course as i dont have in dept knowledge of IT field ???

Query ID : 778
Date : 2014-12-17
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Knowledge about any discipline can be developed but self interest comes from within. If you think you have inclination towards IT and would like to have a career wherein there's an integration of IT with Management ,as it is Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology(MB A -ITBM) , you can surely opt for it. Else decision is all yours. For any more queries please feel free to contact us.

Query : fee structure please??

Query ID : 776
Date : 2014-12-12
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Hello You can find the details of fee structure for MBA-ITBM 2015- 2017 at the below mentioned link http://www.sci t. edu/admission s. php Hope this suffices your query. For any further please feel free to contact. Regards

Query : what is the last date for apply to this college?

Query ID : 775
Date : 2014-12-11
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Last date for registration for SCIT is 20th December 2014.

Query : Hi, I am currently a BCA student. So is MBA IT in SCIT is a good choice for me or should I go for the MSC(CA) that is conducted in SICSR.

Query ID : 774
Date : 2014-12-09
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : SCIT is a premier IT B-School. If you want to pursue your career in IT field as a manager, SCIT is what you want. We can't compare the programme provided by two colleges. So it all depends on your inclination.

Query : In admission form, under section UG, what we have to enter in 'Overall Percentage(Please mark overall percentage based on your university norms and calculation)'? & in 'UG Percentage (For CGPA scores convert it to % and furnish)'?

Query ID : 773
Date : 2014-12-08
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Please write an email regrading the same to admission@scit .edu

Query : Hi, I am currently working with TCS as a Developer.Currently I have an experience of 1.8 years in IT.I wish to pursue a part time MBA programme in SCIT.I wanted to know what are the options available for me and what is the eligibility criteria for the same? Also what is the process for application if I wish to start with the course in 2015(Is SNAP compulsory for part time course)? Can any one please guide me regarding this?

Query ID : 772
Date : 2014-12-07
Query Asked to : Student

Reply : You are eligible for MBA-ITBM which is a 2 year full time residential programme. Also, with 1.8 years of work experience PGDITBM programme, which is a 1 year full time programme. Executive MBA is a part time programme provided by SCIT but minimum of 3 years of work experience is required for the same.