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Query : Is the date change for preinduction program confirmed? I am already booked tickets 2 months ago & it will be difficult to reschedule the ticket. What to do now? in case we didn't turn out for the program on 4th- What are the things we gonna miss? many students will miss the program in this way. How to recover after that- Please suggest a way forward?

Query ID : 699
Date : 2014-05-20
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Yes the date change is confirmed...It is recommended that you attend the opening induction session as you will be told about the electives in details, introduction to the faculty etc...

Query : Why is preinduction program date changed- i will miss the program ( even my parents are also coming to witness the program) ????

Query ID : 698
Date : 2014-05-19
Query Asked to : Student

Reply : Due to some unavoidable circumstances the induction program date has been changed..

Query : Sir i am in notice period and my relieving date is June 27th. but college starts from June 6th. i am trying hard to get early release. but my company is not in a position to relieve me and give my experience certificate until my notice period is completed since there is a project requirement. is there any option for me so that i can join the college after the completion of my notice period(ie after June 27th)???

Query ID : 697
Date : 2014-05-19
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Please send an email at coordinator@scit.ed u informing the same.

Query : Hi Sir, recently got a welcome mail from SCIT that induction program is scheduled on 4th June 2014. Also reporting dates are also changed. Please look into this matter as i will be reaching only on 5th June along with my parents. In that case i will miss the whole program. I am sure this will be a problem for lots of other students also. It is my humble request to you sir as a student i do not want to miss the induction program. Please reply as soon as possible about this confusion.

Query ID : 696
Date : 2014-05-19
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Due to some unavoidable circumstances the induction program dates have been changed.Kindly adhere to the dates given the welcome letter.

Query : Hi sir, I am planning to take an education loan to bear the fee expenses of the MBA-ITBM prog. I require a document on the institute's letter head stating confirmation of my provisional admission & the fee details for all semesters of the course, as this is needed by the bank , to process my application for the loan. Please let me know the mail-id where I can send an e-mail for the same.

Query ID : 695
Date : 2014-05-19
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Please send an email to

Query : Respected Sir,It has been mentioned in scit website and the admission confirmation letter that the opening session is to be held on 6th june. So that i have planned my travel to pune to reach on 5th of june.But today i have received an email of offer letter from scit office stating that the opening session is scheduled to be held on 4th of june.So It is virtually impossible to reach scit on or before 4th une for me. Because i am from Bhubeneswar,Odissa. There is only one train that is plyng from Bhubeneswar to pune.I have booked my tickets one month to go.It is almost impossible for me to get a ticket now because there is only two week left and reservation are not available. Please suggest me what should i do, otherwise i would not able to attend the opening session.

Query ID : 694
Date : 2014-05-19
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : The opening induction session has been preponed due to some unavoidable circumstances....I t is recommended that you attend the session..Try if you can reschedule the tickets....If you think you will not be able to attend the session on 4th June please drop an email to studentcoordinat or@ stating the same.


Query ID : 693
Date : 2014-05-19
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Hostel rooms are allocated randomly.

Query : Hello, I received an email from SCIT stating that I am in waiting list for MBA (Executive Edu) IT program. My waiting list number is 03. Kindly let me know the next steps. What are my chances of getting an admission? Thanks & Regards, Mili Dutta

Query ID : 692
Date : 2014-05-19
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : The second list, if any, is scheduled to be declared on June 02, 2014..Stay optimistic.. All the best.