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Query : How is the diversity of students ( Please give % if poss ) in SCIT in previous 2 years as college website has no information about it. 1. On the basis of States 2. On the basis of Work Experience 3. For international students which country students have come in SCIT till now??

Query ID : 512
Date : 2014-04-11
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : 1. We have students from all over the country from states like Gujarat, Chennai, Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal, Goa etc. 2. In terms of Work Experience we have students who are freshers (no work experience) and students with 1-2, 2- 3 and more than 3 years of experience. 3. There have been international students from countries like Japan, Bahrain, Thailand, Oman etc.

Query : As a director, can you please point out 5 points as USP as why students should join SCIT???

Query ID : 511
Date : 2014-04-11
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : We have a unique curriculum that is techno-managerial in nature.If you are interested in pursuing a career in IT you will like the curriculum.Also our program structure evolves based on the industry feedback.We have collaborations with SAP University alliance and PMI. I dont believe in talking about USP's for colleges because we are providers of education which is not like other goods or services.It is the interest and inclination of the students which will determine the success of a college or programme.

Query : Please answer this question from your experience in SCIT Who will be an ideal student in SCIT, I know there is no definite answer but i wanted to know whom you will say that he/she has truly justified his/ her admission in SCIT or has truly fulfilled or done justice to be a SCITian after 2years? Please describe attributes of candidate in little bit detail as it will be helpful for all SCITians during the 2 years!!!!

Query ID : 510
Date : 2014-04-11
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : There is no candidate who can be called an ideal candidate for SCIT.Any candidate who is interested in pursuing a career in IT and passionate about IT can be a good candidate for SCIT. Qualities like proactiveness, sincerity and hard work along with energy and inquisitiveness to learn new things will help you be become successful in all walks of life including MBA.

Query : My name is Madhumathi.T. Snap id 4003228. I need to book a guest room for my parents to stay from June4 to 7. To which email id i should send my request?

Query ID : 509
Date : 2014-04-11
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Please send an email to

Query : When International companies come for placement, are those students who are already placed. allowed to sit for placement again?

Query ID : 508
Date : 2014-04-11
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : Students who are already placed are not allowed to sit for any other company as we want to get all our students placed.

Query : How many international immersion programmes are there for SCIT students during the 2 years program where students can get knowledge about happenings in foreign countries???

Query ID : 506
Date : 2014-04-11
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : We dont have a formal course on international immersion as such..but we do have students from other countries here who can share their experiences with you..We also have students from japan who come to the campus for a course...We also have guest lectures wherein you might get some knowledge about the happenings in other countries based on the experiences of the speaker...

Query : Do Industrial visits are arranged for SCIT students during the 2 years program???

Query ID : 505
Date : 2014-04-11
Query Asked to : Director

Reply : It depends on the guest lecture committee which comprises of students from senior and junior batch whether they are able arrange one or not.

Query : How to identify whether i am interested in MBA in IT Business Management,since being a very specific course i would like to carefully take a decision.

Query ID : 504
Date : 2014-04-10
Query Asked to : Student

Reply : Hi,You can check the curriculum to see whether the subjects are those which you are interested in.Also you need to have an interest and desire to pursue a career in IT. I think these pointers will be a good starting point for you to make a decision.The curriculum can be accessed from this link..Syllabus section.. http://www.scit. edu / academics.php