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Query : Hello Sir/Madam, I am Shridhar Jadhav having 20 months of Experience in IT currently working in Infogain as Software Engineer on Client site IBM,Magarpatta. I am interested in PGPITBM my concerns are: Regarding to placements for PGPITBM students. Mob No. - 9975722993

Query ID : 1303
Date : 2015-04-02
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : For all placements related information kindly browse the below mentioned link http://www.sci t. edu/pgpitbm.p h p

Query : Hi Can you brief about the hostel registration process?

Query ID : 1302
Date : 2015-04-01
Query Asked to : Student

Reply : Hostel will be provided to students on auto generated basis which is done by the authorities. Only the fees are supposed to be paid by students,rest all is taken care off.

Query : My Snap Id is 6054883.I sent mail to reg my query but no one revert to me. Please do the needful.

Query ID : 1301
Date : 2015-04-01
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : You will surely get revert soon.Kindly wait for sometime.

Query : After the payment of fees what documents do we have to send to the scit admissions cell?

Query ID : 1300
Date : 2015-03-31
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : All the documents related information can be found on below mentioned link: http://www.sci t. edu/admission s. php

Query : Related to PGPITBM, I have filled the form and made the payment however it says that we have to take the print affix photo and sign it so in order to complete the application do i need to post the hard copy of the same? Or the application is completed?Plz reply asap

Query ID : 1299
Date : 2015-03-30
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Kindly mail to admission@scit .edu stating the issue completely.

Query : hello sir, I apply for Bonafide certificate. But i didn't get any email for bonafide certificate related yet. Do i need to do any other procedure to get bonafide certificate?

Query ID : 1298
Date : 2015-03-30
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Kindly register at the below mentioned link and from there you can follow the procedure to access such documents http://siufinan ce u dentAdmission /l ogin.aspx? ReturnUrl=%2f st udentadmissio n

Query : Hello sir, I have recieved username and password for pre induction module but next day i got mail "do not register on the link with the username password provied to you in the earlier email. we will sending an email in couple of days." But i haven't get any confirmation mail or pre induction module username password related mail what i need to do ?

Query ID : 1297
Date : 2015-03-30
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Kindly wait for sometime you will be getting the mail with new set of credentials and link for registering soon.

Query : For PGPITBM course, Is it ok if i suffice Offer letter instead of Experience letter because currently i have been employed in a company, So getting of experience will only happen after leaving the company.

Query ID : 1296
Date : 2015-03-30
Query Asked to : Faculty

Reply : Kindly mail to admission@scit .edu stating the problem completely.