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Efficient LALRED for Congestion Avoidance using Automata-Like Solution

Shalu G. Mahajan and Bhavsar C. A MGM’s College of Engineering Nanded, India


Non-Exclusive Clustering: A Partitioning Approach

Nitesh Agarwal , H. A. Ahmed and D. K. Bhattacharyya, Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata, Tezpur University Napalm, India


Optimized Technique For Capacitated Minimum Forest Problem In Wireless Sensor Networks

Shwetal R. Jaiswal, K. S. Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hingoli, India


Experiments in Encrypted and Searchable Network Audit Logs

Bhanu Prakash Gopularam, Sashank Dara and Nalini Niranjan, Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd, IIIT-Bangalore, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology Bangalore, India


Bounded-SVD: A Matrix Factorization Method with Bound Constraints for Recommender Systems

Bang Hai Le, Kien Quang Nguyen and Ruck Thawonmas, Ritsumeikan University, Japan


Scalable Honeypot Architecture for Identifying Malicious Network Activities

Gokul Kannan Sadasivam and Chittaranjan Hota, BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus, India


Enhanced K-Strange Points Clustering Algorithm

Terence Johnson and Santosh Kumar Singh, AMET University Chennai, Thakur College of Science and Commerce Kandivali (E) Mumbai, India


Heuristic-based Real-Time P2P Traffic Identification

Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chittaranjan Hota, BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus, India

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