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The rapid pace of change in Information Technology has been intimidating for large and small businesses. The level of difficulty in decoding the power of technology and associated engineering may be varying for different businesses considering their experience and expertise but one cannot overrule the inherent complexity of the field. EITES 2015 intends to address the solution space that has been created and enriched by the research in emerging IT and associated engineering practices.

Topics of interest include, but are NOT limited to, the following:

  1. Unified Communication and Collaboration
    1. Unified Communication
    2. Composite Content Management
    3. Communication Enabled Business Processes
    4. Personalization, Collaboration
    5. Socialization
  2. Pervasive and Access Based Computing
    1. Pervasive Computing
    2. Context Aware and Presence Based Computingt
    3. Ubiquitous Computing
    4. Internet of things
  3. Service Oriented Computing
  4. Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  5. Software Processes
  6. High Performance Computing
    1. High Performance Data Analysis
    2. High Performance Cloud Computing
  7. Online Social Networks
    1. Modeling Social Networks and behavior
    2. Management of social network data
    3. Analysis of social and crowd sourcing systems
    4. Privacy and security in social systems
  8. Latest Emerging areas in Information Technology & Engineering Solutions

“All accepted & presented papers will be published in conference proceedings by Conference Publishing Services (CPS) and will be submitted to Xplore and CSDL.

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