Business ethics have become increasingly important over the last several decades. Corporate scandals in this arena have held the public's attention. We have witnessed how one wrong incident can completely overturn the fortunes of highly educated professionals, seasoned businessmen and even established multinationals. So, it is now widely accepted that ethical business practices make both common sense and business sense. But it takes continued vigilance and commitment to practically apply ethical principles and concepts in the management of businesses. Mandatory regulations can only go so far. There is a need to internalise certain basic values which can guide individuals in business to do the right thing even when nobody is looking. This can happen only through a slow process of debate and discussion involving more and more people.

The Ethics & Integrity Conference is an effort towards creating such a forum - a space to share the challenges and opportunities, the personal stories, the successes and the lessons learned in the practice of integrity and ethical leadership. This conference is aimed at creating a platform for business organizations, students and academicians to work together to spread awareness about this important subject. As well, through this event, we hope to cooperate & complement one another toward creating a culture of trust & integrity across Indian corporations and businesses.

The conference is being sponsored by the Symbiosis Center for Information Technology (SCIT) and International Business Machines (IBM). We are also working in close association with Caux Initiatives for Business (CIB).

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