MBA (Executive) IT Testimonials


Here I would like to express gratitude to you all, who have designed such a prosperous, career reshaping course under the famous brand of Symbiosis International University. This course has turned my career from a technical horizon to techno functional horizon and now I am a practicing Business Analyst at Fiserv. At Fiserv initially when I expressed my interest for career change ,the management became hesitant however when I revealed that my MBA is from Symbiosis it was a world of difference and they agreed for this movement.

My experience at Symbiosis is excellent, the unique way of teaching in the class where videos in class activities and discussion, kept us engaged and drew us to the classes. It helped us to remain more engaged throughout when we started with a relevant discussion or activity in the class. I am thankful that you discarded the typical and traditional learning process. Once again a big thank to you all.

-MuhammadShuaib Shaikh,(Batch : 2016-19)

My avid interest in Entrepreneurship and business in Project/Operations side of IT, ICT made me take up Executive MBA after 8 years of corporate experience. Rather than limiting myself with technical domain and functional knowledge in one area, I wanted to have a comprehensive and holistic view, including latest industry practices. I am quite satisfied with this course as it has helped me to enhance my present skill set. A Master's degree plays an essential role in your career path especially when you are in India, but along with this it is imperative to have the right mindset, good practices and perpetual learning from experience and mistakes alike. There is always scope for improvement in the designed curriculum and assignment structure to inculcate the dynamism of a Fast moving IT Industry and being bit flexible for executives. However the Visiting Faculty in SCIT and Industry experts have really made a huge value addition to this course and has helped me a lot.

- Angad Bagga,(Batch : 2015-18)

SCIT Exec-MBA programme has really been helpful in developing myself as a better professional. This programme has been designed to help us grasp the curriculum quickly and gives us an insight on where the industry is moving. We get lot of information around new developments in the areas of IT security, IT Service Management, IT Product Management, Entrepreneurship (to name few) from the Industry experts. This is in addition to the various other courses on the basic Management covered by our SCIT faculty members. The books available in library cover topics from all the areas of management, to leadership, to technical and help us enhance our knowledge in our areas of interest. In summary, IÂ’ve been really satisfied with the course taught as it helped me develop both professionally and personally. All credit to the Faculty!.

- Pradeep Chandra Tripathi, (Batch:2013-2016), Barclays Bank


The SCIT MBA program continues to be a fantastic experience year on year. This program offers highly significant IT Industry relevance with a panel of seasoned and approachable faculty members & mentors. I feel that I have developed in terms of management knowledge, skills and in personal competencies such as self-awareness, presentations, teamwork, leadership and negotiation.

- Ashish Paliwal, (Batch:2014-2017)

Symbiosis Ex-MBA for me was a platform to explore new horizons, an opportunity to learn and invest my time in learning a variety of subjects. This Institute has taught me the importance of discipline and the beauty of freedom. Symbiosis developed my raw capabilities and shaped them into deliverables.I still remember that moment when I was supposed to attend my one day long assessment for Volkswagen on Monday and requested a leave for following Sunday for preparation which was refused by Professor by saying that you may miss a lot on this Sunday which may help you for your assessment,This was really true as I used a lot of my learning to crack this SSB like management round include - Group discussion, Presentation and Convincing skills test. My learnings at Symbiosis has given me an edge and IÂ’m confident to thrive in demanding current business environment, In short-It made me rediscover myself! and I feel extremely proud to be an alumnus of this institute and be a part of its growth. Symbiosis has helped me grow as an individual and has set me in the right direction towards excelling in my role as a Manager here at Volkswagen.

- Pallav Bhardwaj, (Batch:2013-2016), Volkswagen

SCIT is a premier IT Business School nurturing genuine IT talent. A student at SCIT is continually groomed to become a future leader in technology or business in the IT industry, capable of facing the challenges of the IT industry - the advancing...

- Priyank Gairola, (Batch:2012-15)


I feel "privileged" to be part of SCIT. It was a right decision on my part to join the institute and I am happy about it. After working in IT industry for more than 10 years and focusing solely on the technical aspects of assignments and projects, I felt an urge to look beyond what I was doing and to get knowledge of overall business and to understand various aspects of business. The course is full of Interactive sessions, Assignments, Group Project, Case studies and Presentations which make learning effective. SCIT is successful at fulfilling my expectations.

- Madhuri Dange, (Batch:2013-2016), Sybase, An SAP Company


The Executive MBA Course in SCIT has definitely been a great value add. I had initially thought that sacrificing weekends would be very difficult, especially for an IT professional but after joining I look forward to the weekend classes, and my interest hasn't dampened in 1.5 years. Its using your weekends effectively which you would've otherwise, wasted. Its a great chance to gain knowledge from the industry experts and hone your skills - managerial, analytical, interpersonal, thus truly transforming you into a Global IT professional.

- Neha Patnayak, (Batch:2012-15), Sungard


I am very delighted & feeling proud in sharing my experience & views regarding the MBA IT (Executive Education) program. I find SCIT Executive MBA-IT as a milestone in my professional life which makes me understand the management skills and aspects.
Two areas in particular stand out and differentiate SCIT from others: the Quality of Teaching and Guidance. The faculty member, professors and visiting faculty are highly experienced and having deep knowledge and we get the industry experts to teach us on what they have experienced in their successful careers. This gives us realizing real scenarios, situation and examples from real world so that we can relate the thoughts and apply during different situation.
The Course is very helpful for aspiring managers who wish to pursue further in management and also inspires young Entrepreneurial skills.
The learning experience from the program opened my thinking & helped in my professional and personal growth.

- Prithish Das, (Batch:2012-15), ITC Infotech India Limited


Teachers were good and having industrial experience with their deep knowledge in subject helped us to gain the knowledge of real world problem. The courses increase the depth of the subject with more case studies to understand and apply the knowledge gained. I think with the current ready to accommodate good change attitude SCIT would fly more and more higher.

- Milind Pawar, (Batch:2011-14), Symantec


SCIT stands out among the other Business Schools offering Executive MBA programs, primarily due to it's industry aligned curriculum and top-notch faculty. Enrolling in the MBA IT(Executive Education) 2011-2013 program is plausibly one of the most adept decisions I've taken. The classes, though rigorous, are gratifying and are enriched by the Brobdingnagian experience of the professors who themselves are industry experts. It has been an amazing learning curve so far and I look forward to enjoy the rest of my stint here.

- Mandar Ghanekar, (Batch:2011-14), Tibco Software India Pvt. Ltd.


This program does not restrict us to learn management skills, but aligns our thoughts to innovation and understand various aspects of Business. Only after joining this course, I have realized the Entrepreneurial skills within me. The college routine ensures that our job life is not affected. The faculty is the best part of the program because we get the industry experts to teach us on what they have experienced in their successful careers. Also, the friends I have made here come with rich experience and it is good to know their part of exposure about the topics.

- Ravi Pareek, (Batch:2011-14), HSBC Software Development


Joining SCIT was a wise decision made, as it provided high level faculties who have got good and long experience in their respective domains. The subjects covered also gave deep insight and ways to relate to what we are actually experiencing in our real work life...
Studying at SCIT is definitely helping me to look at the world with a more wider viewÂ...
Thanks SCIT.

- Shweta, (Batch:2010-13), Cognizant

I am a student of the SCIT Ex-MBA batch started in 2011. It was not easy to decide to commit to a 100 plus (over a period of 2.5 years) weekends for classes at the Symbiosis campus, but within a few weeks itself, we realized the immense knowledge that we were getting exposure to. It was an eye opener. All the Professors are highly experienced and very knowledgeable, most or all of them with a decade or more of experience working in the industry, and thus there is less theory and more real life examples that are being talked about, based on the faculty's excellent experience. In our class we have participants of different experience thus the questions, interaction and sharing between them and the faculty made the whole experience intense, and fun at the same time. Course is helping me a lot in my personality development and improving my management skills. The overall coordination, whether it be the schedules, the classes, the infrastructure or the exams is also superbly handled by very able coordinators.

- Rahul Naik, (Batch:2011-14), Symantec India Pvt. Ltd


Studying at SCIT has been one of my best decision ever. The reason I chose SCIT College because of the best curriculum and faculty. While studying at SCIT, I am growing as an management professional, learning to interact and talk to people from different backgrounds. As an engineer, the MBA Program taught me to see the non-technical end of the business. This is extremely helpful in dealing with non-technical professionals.

- Anand Rathi, (Batch:2010-13), Cognizant

I find SCIT Executive MBA as a milestone in my professional and personal life. The curriculum designed for the course is by far the best for an Exec-MBA IT program. The lectures are interactive and the expert faculties enrich them with case studies and real world scenarios along with the academics. The experience and learning from the program has greatly helped in professional as well as intellectual growth.

- Yogeshwar Jadhao, (Batch:2010-13), Accenture

When I enrolled in SCIT, I expected that having a MBA would change the corporate outlook towards me. What I did not expect is how profoundly my life would change internally. I have undergone a genetic alteration. Before my first semesterÂ’s, I always relied on what others had to say. Now I am my own source of information. The Ex-MBA offered at SCIT allowed me to customize my course of study to fit my individual interests, and the flexibility of the program fit well into my existing work schedule and commitments. Every day I have a moment of gratitude for the opportunity I have to study and pursue knowledge at SCIT.
Thanks SCIT

- Dinesh, Congnizant

I take due pride and honour in acknowledging that I am a student of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Executive MBA Program, 2010 - 12 Batch. This program is a great tool for executives and aspiring managers who wish to pursue further management training without compromising their full time jobs and add a glorious feather to their professional hat.
This program has actually added a complete new dimension to my existing view of IT Business and IT Operation as whole and has helped me effectively manage my daily business activities and to look at things from a hawk eye view.
This course is specifically designed and tailored to our requirements, as in requirements of the experienced IT professionals, and in addition to it, the professors are excellent with an extensive and varied trend and industry experience. This actually helps us to work on real time case studies provided by the faculties which are entertained and reviewed in re-nowned B-Schools across the global and reap out of their experiences and even relate the same with our routine IT encounters. In addition to this, I have immensely benefited by attending the visiting faculties, networking with them and their experience and participating in the curricular management events organized by the institute.
I sincerely look forward to grasp much more from this very course in the time span of next one and half year and even ahead. Moreover I highly recommend the course to other aspiring executives who do wish to add a Symbiotic Business Eye to their existing profile and excel ahead in their career without taking a full time pause.

- Pallav Vidwans, (Batch:2010-13), CompuBrain