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PGDITBM Testimonials


"Choosing PGDITBM at SCIT proved out to be one of the best decisions of my life. It's a friendly atmosphere on campus and everyone welcomed me with open arms. Faculties with profound subject knowledge and immense teaching experience are very approachable which is the most impressionable aspect of the course as it helps gaining subject insights in its true interest. This program helped me discover all together a new world into the field of Information Security especially the IT Risk Assessments part of it. The teaching methodology followed here varies completely from the orthodox teaching pattern, as in, it comprises of imparting practical knowledge catalyzed through real-time case studies and role play enabled with modern laboratory set up which helps in visualizing the fundamental concepts of Cyber Security. It also provides an ample of opportunity to get interacted with corporate techies and professionals through guest lectures and national seminars which helps students in remaining updated with ongoing business trends. College not just excels an individual in academic skills but also provides exposure to the students in every possible managerial aspects expected at corporate world. Campus life at college is always happening due to one or the other sports or cultural activities being organized from time-to-time which helps in reducing the stress level of academics. College is known for celebrating every festival round the year which promotes the culture of diversity. The most attractive part of the program and institution is the result in the form of industry placement offered to the students at highly reputed MNCs. Hence, I feel so proud to be a part of SCIT family."

- Rushabh Pinesh Mehta, (Batch 2017-18)

"PGDITBM is a fast track 1 year extensive course,From orientation to graduation it provides great platform for students with keen interest in information security, SCIT College puts students first. From the time I walked through main doors with my corporate experience in hands, whether physical or virtual, They give us the tools to earn the degree or certificate that changed our lives and made it easy for us to smoothly get into information security domain .My efforts are payed off,have improved my academic performance and are returned from one semester to the next to complete our degree.College prepared us to analyse real time business situations and prepare us for combining my industrial expertise with entire 2 semester knowledge sharing program.Overall i am going out of this college by taking great opportunities for my lifetime with me."

- Alka Pandey, (Batch 2017-18)

"PGDITBM is a unique course in itself. After two year of work experience generally people think for higher studies. But, what to do is always a question. After following lots of MBA portals I chose to go for this Programme. As, I was already working with an IT firm and wanted to do something related to IT only. This Programme provides you a great blend of managerial as well as technical concepts and you can secure a techno functional profile in a IT Industry ."

- Vaishali Gupta, (Batch 2017-18)

The curriculum of the PGDITBM (One year MBA) programme was really exciting and challenging at the same time. The new teaching environment with the all the modern facilities was very attractive as well. The professor's academic and professional experience was really inspiring. The different activities organised by SCIT were much appreciated by the students. The PGDITBM at SCIT allowed me to acquire a lot of new knowledge, essential for the continuation of my professional career. I benefited greatly from the education received from professors who have extensive professional and academic experience, as well as from the practical case studies carried out in groups.

- Praful Bagul, (Batch 2016-17)

PGDITBM course is as unique as its name. Major three drivers that sets this course apart from any other offerings by SIU-
  1. As course demands prior work experience in IT-ITES industry, we have got opportunity to study with professionals from almost all leading IT firms creating huge knowledge sharing opportunity.
  2. With one year duration, we get back to industry with in same sector as that of previous job role or can even achieve career shift with fast time to market.
  3. Focus on Information Security and Systems with in demand of tomorrow and is one of the niche areas to build carrier upon.
The analogy goes like this- PGDITBM course is just like a pit-stop if we consider IT career as Formula 1 race.
It just refuels the knowledge engine, gives us the quick value add and sets us to go full throttle in fast pace and exciting information age.

- Harshad Joshi, (Batch 2014-15)

The PGDITBM(now known as PGDITBM) course did what it sets out to do. It is operating in its own niche and is well placed as a program which deals with the techno-managerial competencies that is so much needed in the IT market. It also employs a differentiated focus on info security unlike a traditional MBA in IT. And yes, it worked for me because I am faster in time to the market!. The course has made my resume look truly contemporary and stand apart in a crowd creating a niche in the area of Information Security and IT Management.

- Jeganath James, (Batch 2014-15)

I was working for an MNC for about two years and my job was becoming kind of monotonous. So, I started looking for a techno-managerial course which could give me knowledge and a career boost. When I heard about PGDITBM at SCIT through a friend, I immediately knew that was the perfect option for me. The way course is designed, it fulfilled all the requirements I had in mind. Now that the course has come to its conclusion, I can safely say that my decision of choosing this course was right. From here, I am taking some really precious moments with me as memories and I will cherish them for lifetime.

- Saurabh Saroha, (Batch 2013-14)

SCIT has undertaken an initiative in designing management education through an innovative 1 year program for students with significant prior work experience in IT industry, like me, to take the fullest advantage of the rigorous and demanding nature of the management realm, which helps in building Business Management professional in IT and related industry addressing niche areas of IT businesses and applied technologies and become capable in responding to complex business requirements.
The unique aspect of this programme that I found is, the focus on specific areas of specialization, especially in Systems and Information security, which is rigorous, challenging, that encourages learning beyond classroom discussions by preparing students to analyse the situations and apply skills to real IT business situations, where I got to learn and combine my industry expertise using the fundamentals of management that is exposed to over the entire curriculum.

- Aditya Dalvi, (Batch 2013-14)

The PGDITBM course in SCIT has helped me to re-align my thinking and it extends unmatched opportunity for working professionals who have more than 18 months of work experience in IT industry to pursue studies in the field of management. What has impressed me the most is its highly qualified faculty and a dynamic classroom environment.
This program provides a good platform for those who want to build their career in the field of information systems and security. The structure of the course has been well designed to meet the current industry requirements. I am indeed very satisfied with the study pattern of our college but would like to suggest teaching the case study with more rigor. The overall experience in SCIT has been great.

- Karuna Turlapati, (Batch 2013-14)

SCIT's PGDITBM is a rigorous 1 year full time residential course for experienced (18+ months) people. The specialization include the Systems And Security which in itself is a very niche and a highly sought after field in the IT Industry. The pedagogy surpassed my expectation, and the knowledge delivered by the eminent faculty provided a global perspective and forward thinking approach to deal with the real time business scenarios.
The classroom discussions and the case studies were great opportunities for me to learn the applications of management theories and also gain expertise through learning outside the class as well as during interactions with my peers.

- Ritu Singh, (Batch 2013-14)

It's an extensive and fast track course which focuses on information security. The main advantage of this course is "PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE". Lecturers, faculty and staff provides you with all the help needed.
In the end, it's a nice course that has been put forward by SCIT for all the experienced candidates.

- Amarpreet Singh, (Batch 2013-14)