Publications By SCIT Faculty Members

Rajul Joshi 2008.

Knowledge Management Means of Innovation and Sustainability for SME: Walkthrough and review of SME & KM Convergence.

By Rajul Gajendra Joshi and Mr. Chandrasekar Pandyan, 2008 presented in the Entrepreneurship Global Conference 2008. The theme of this conference was “Creating Sustainable Entrepreneurship Eco-system and High Performance SMEs”. The conference was organized by Monash University, Australia

Dr. R. Raman 2008.

The Changing International Competitive Environment Prospects and Challenges For Business Process Outsourcing Units In India.

Published in e-journal of AIMA ( All India Management Association ) Volume: 2 Issue: 2 /4, ISSN 146, May 2008

S. Vijaykumar Bharathi 2008.

Wipro KNet – A Gateway to Knowledge Seeking and Contributing Culture at SAP Practice Unit of Wipro Technologies.

Published at the ECCH (European Case Clearing House), Cranfield, UK, Ref. No. 908-014-1 June 2008

Suprika V Shrivastava 2008.

Refactoring: The Key to Software Quality.

Presented at National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Management (ETEM '08) organized by Rajashri Shahu College of Engg, Pune , March 2008

Dr. R. Raman 2008.

Strategies to Retain Human Capital in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry.

Published in the book 'Challenges of Attrition and Retention Strategies' published by ICFAI University First Reprint 2008