Publications By SCIT Faculty Members

 Dr. SVK Bharathi,Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni 2020.

Competition in Monopoly: Teaching-Learning Process of Financial Statement Analysis to Information Technology Management Students..

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education

Brijesh S P 2019.

Adoption of digital payment systems in the era of demonetization in India: An empirical study.

Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management

Dr. Dhanya Pramod 2019.

Task recommender system using semantic clustering to identify the right personnel.

VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems

Dr. Dhanya Pramod 2019.

Predict employee attrition by using predictive analytics.

Benchmarking: An International Journal

Dr. Anil Jadhav, Dr. Dhanya Pramod & Krishnan Ramanathan 2019.

Comparison of Performance of Data Imputation Methods for Numeric Dataset.

Applied Artificial Intelligence