Publications By SCIT Faculty Members

Prof. S. Vijayakumar Bharathi, (March) 2015.

An Empirical Study on the Factors Contributing to Work Family Conflict among Young Employees in the IT Companies..

(Co authored with Prof. Shaji Joseph & Bhavna Gautam) Published in Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 8(S6), 50–60, March 2015, ISSN (Print) : 0974-6846, ISSN (Online) : 0974-5645. Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS); SCOPUS, Elsevier B.V; J-Gate Plus; Research Bible; EBSCO Publishing’s Electronic Databases, USA; DOAJ; Urlich’s Periodical Directory, USA; Indian Science Abstracts, India; Index Copernicus, Poland; ISI, Thomson Reuters; Indian

Dr. Kanchan Pranay Patil ; Dr.Priti Puri (April) 2015.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Key Challenges and innovative approach for using social media marketing (SMM).

published in

Dr. Priti Puri, Neerja Kulkarni (April) 2015.

Big Data Analytics – Business Benefits and Technical Challenges.

published in

Dr. S. Vijayakumar Bharathi 2015.

Prioritising and ranking critical factors for sustainable cloud ERP adoption in SMEs.

published in the International Journal of Automation and Logistics, Vol.1, No.3, pp.294 - 316. DOI: 10.1504/IJAL.2015.071723. Inderscience Publishers. ISSN online: 2049-6753; ISSN print: 2049-6745 (Published with SCIT Alumni Ms. Tanuja Mandal, Accenture Services P Ltd.)

Dr. Brijesh S. (November) 2015.

Engaging with the Consumer in a Digital world: An Empirical study with special reference to Online Apparel.

International Journal of Applied Engineering and Research (IJAER), Volume 10, Number 19 (2015), pp.40409-40414. Print ISSN 0973-4562, Online ISSN 1087-1090. IJAER is indexed in SCOPUS, EBSCO host, GOOGLE Scholar, Journal Seek, J-Gate etc.