Publications By SCIT Faculty Members

Rajul Joshi 2010.

Optimization of Trade Promotional Activities: Framework, Tool and Industry Application.

Presented in the Global Marketing Conference in Tokyo in September 2010

Dr. R. Raman 2010.

Linking Strategic Type & Outsourcing Pattern.

NMIMS Management Review Journal ISSN: 0971-1023 Volume XX Oct 2010

Suprika V Shrivastava 2010.

Distributed Agile Software Development- a Review.

Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (JCSE), Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2010

Rajul Joshi 2010.

Creative Industry, Entrepreneurship and India: Reshaping Indipreneurs’ future.

Presented in the Annual Global Conference on Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (AGCETI) at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT(K)). This Conference was jointly organized by IIT (K), RPI (USA), and National Entrepreneurship network. The key supporter was SIDBI

Sadhana Ghalsasi 2009.

Critical Success Factors for Event Driven Service Oriented Architecture.

Published in IMS Manthan, The Journal of Innovation in Volume-4, issue-2, Computer Science Section, New Delhi, 2009