Publications By SCIT Faculty Members

Dhanya Pramod 2009.

A Platform specific UML model for Web Application self Defense through an Aspect Oriented Approach.

International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering , Singapore, Vol. 1, No. 4, October, 2009, 1793-8163, pp 449-457

Sadhana Ghalsasi 2009.

A Conceptual Framework for maximizing Software Reuse.

Published in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series; Vol. 403 Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information Technology, Culture and Human, Korea, 2009

Rajul Joshi and Sourabh Soni 2009.

Licensing Models and their Impact on the Telecom Software Industry.

SCIT Journal, ISSN; 0974-5076, Volume 9, August 2009

S. Vijaykumar Bharathi 2009.

A Unified Theory of Critical Success Factors for ERP Adoption by SMEs.

Presented at the International Conference on Global Interdependence in Decision Sciences (ICGIDS), jointly organized by ASCI, Hyderabad, DSI Indian Subcontinent and Shailesh J Mehta School of Management IIT Bombay ISBN 023-032-852-0, pp243-248

S. Vijaykumar Bharathi 2009.

Paari Potter and the Belly Pots Company.

Developed and published in the ECCH, Cranfield, United Kingdom (European Case Clearing House) The case study reference number is 109-035-1