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From a time when the world observed business ethics as an oxymoron, we have come a long way where ethics and integrity have become an integral component of every corporate boardroom. Ethical behavior has become a mandate for companies. With increasing awareness of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities and the tall promises made on Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) 2030, nation-states and business organizations are compelled to integrate ethical values into their business. People are at the center of all these initiatives. An MBA institute trains these very people who will be the leaders in their organizations. As a responsible Business School, SCIT has been organizing the Integrity and Ethics conclave every year.

This year SCIT successfully organized the integrity and ethics conference on 17th December 2022 with the theme ‘Tatva Udbhav’. The plenary sessions were on the following themes; 1. Mercurial Culture (Moonlighting) 2. E-Commerce: Equality over Equity (ONDC) 3. Crafty Maneuver (Unethical Marketing/Black Hat SEO) 4. Blinkered Pedagogy (Biased AI). Each of these themes was selected carefully keeping the core competency of SCIT. Mr. Aseem Tamboli, - GM - Head, Cloud Practice and ISV Alliance at Savex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Was the keynote speaker for the event.

The first subtheme – “Mercurial Culture” was to talk on the topic of moonlighting. Mr. Vijay Chandola, the senior product leader, digital banking, and transformation owner at Axis Bank through the case study of Axis Bank talked of it as something that will become the new normal and exhorted everyone to embrace it rather than be scared of it.

Mr. Saransh Agarwal, the CEO of the Open Network For Digital Commerce (ONDC) government of India took the audience through the experience of introducing ONDC in India and the challenges and opportunities it posed.

Mr. Anuj Ranka, who is the Digital Marketing Head at FITTR that was awarded the Most Influential Digital Marketer for the year 2022, then talked about Black Hat SEO. He shed light on some concepts of SEO like “search camping”, “increasing CTR with decreasing bounce rate” and the creation of “noise” in the system due to “click-baiting”.

The fourth subtheme- “Blinkered Pedagogy” was explained by MR. Sandeep Suryavanshi, the CEO of Aide Expert Advisory. He looked at both positives and negatives of AI and how AI can be used responsible to build values.


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