About Library

Library is the heart of an academic institutions. It is a collection of sources of information. It provides physical and digital access to materials. Our library has a vast source of knowledge in various forms like book, online databases, Cd/Dvd’s etc


In addition to the Institutionally subscribed resources, the library users have also access to the resources of the central library.
Print Collection
Sr No. Name of the Collection No. of Collection
1 Books 10790
2 Magazines 35
3 Journals 8
4 Newspapers 14
5 Backvolumes 91
Non-Print Collection
1 Online Databases 03

Library Timing

  • Monday to Saturday---8:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Circulation Timing 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Reading room 24*7
  • Library closes on SIU declared holidays.

Library General Rules

  1. Each student will be issued 1 library card.
  2. Books are issued for 15 Days.
  3. Books should be returned in good condition on or before due date.Students can renew book if there is no reservation. Failure to return books in time will result in a fine charged Rs 5/-per day from the date of expected return.
  4. All reference material is to be used in the library premises only.
  5. Students should maintain silence at all times in the library.
  6. Cell phones must be turned off before entering the library. Calls should not be initiated or answered in the library. Please step outside when using the cell phone.
  7. Reference material (News Papers/ Books / Current periodicals) will be issued against IDcard only. Reference Material should not be carried outside library.
  8. SCIT students may use or refer books from SCMHRD and SIIB library also. For borrowing books from these libraries students have to fill Inter Loan library form and submit his/her library cards in that library. However the students can read reference books in the SCMHRD and SIIB libraries on submission of their ID-cards
  9. Book-Reservation facility is available.
  10. Students may record their suggestions in the Suggestions Book or drop in any suggestion box in SCIT
  11. Students may record requests for new book titles or additional copies of books with the Library staff.
  12. Issue of duplicate library card against the loss of original will result in a fine of Rs. 75/- per card.
  13. . Digital Library facility is available for students through Library gateway portal/WEBOPAC.
  14. Students will be able to access IEEE-CS digital library and CMIE,ACM digital library and other SIU subscribed databases e.g. EBSCO , Emerald, science direct, J stor ,TurnItIn, etc. Through Library Gateway Protal.
  15. Food, beverages are not allowed in the library
*Note: The issued library card to be returned to the library at the time of clearance failing which a fine of Rs.75/- will be taken for each lost library card.


Membership is by default extended to

  1. Faculty (Full time and Visiting) and staff of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology [SCIT].
  2. MBA ITBM, MBA DSDA & Executive MBA students of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology[SCIT].
Rules for the Members
  1. Students, Faculty and Staff of SCIT avail the facility by producing the Identity card of the SCIT. I-card is the only mandatory criteria to avail SCIT library membership. Members should adhere to the dress code of the institute.
  2. Reading Hall Members should carry their own material for study.
  3. Library will terminate the membership in case of misbehavior / violation of library rules.
  1. Circulation:

    Students and faculty member regularly issues the books, magazine and journals

  2. Reading room 24*7 :

    We have a 24*7 reading room for our students.

  3. Reference / Referral Service:

    There is good collection of reference books. Also referral service is given to users

  4. Newspaper Clipping:

    Librarian displays important news clips on the notice board.

  5. .Inter Library Loan (ILL):

    Inter loan library is available with sister libraries like SCMHRD and SIIB.

  6. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):

    We have an OPAC which facilitate members to view issue/return details of books in library, new books due dates etc.

  7. New arrived Books:

    New arrived books are displayed for user for a period of one month

  8. Reprography:

    Limited photocopy facility is available.

  9. Online database access:

    We have number of online databases subscribed namely EBSCO,EMERALD,IEEE,ACM etc.

  10. Due book e-mail alert:

    An automated alert is sent to the borrower.

  11. To check Plagiarism report through Turnitin software:

    Library has purchased TurnItin software to check Plagiarism report for students, researcher.

  12. Back volume of valued journals

    All journals are available from its subscription date.

  13. Set of text book distribution

    Library gives set of text books to the students for their permanent use.

Borrowing Facility

Sr.No Courses No of Books
1 MBA (ITBM) 4 books for 15 days
2 MBA (DS&DA) 4 books for 15 days
3 MBA (Executive) IT 4 books for 15 days
Faculty & Staff
1 Faculty 15 books for 1 Month
2 Visiting Faculty 3 Books for a Month
3 Staff 3 Books for a Month
*Note: Library is giving set of text bookto the student

Borrowing Rules

  1. Each student will be issued 4 library cards
  2. Books are issued for 15 Days
  3. Books should be returned in good condition in a prescribed duration. Failure to return books in time will result in a fine Rs 5/-charged per day from the date of expected return.
  4. All reference material is to be used in the library premises only.
  5. SCIT students may use or refer books from SCMHRD and SIIB library also. For borrowing books from these libraries students have to fill Inter Loan library form and submit his/her library cards in that library. However the students can read reference books in the SCMHRD and SIIB libraries on submission of their ID-cards.


Following are the resources subscribed by the siu center /institute library e- resources can be access throw library portal
Scit library has given library portal credential to its all user

  • ACM DL
  • ENDNOTE (SERVICE) 2016-17
  • EBSC

  • Institute Publication:

    About SCIT Journal

    SCIT Journal is an endeavor that builds a symbolic relationship between research and practice in niche Information Technology (IT) domain. In today's world, IT is more recognizable than ever before and has a strong impact on our lives. The world is always driven by innovative ideas and creative solutions, both in its management and technology. SCIT Journal acts as a glue to bind management and technology and provides an interface to reach current techno-management innovations, trends and practices in academia as well as in IT industries

    The Journal offers an avenue for IT professionals, IT experts, management & technical practitioners, research scholars and students to present contemporary issues and innovative ideas associated with IT & Businesses. Details topics can be seen in Call for Papers.

    SCIT Journal is peer-reviewed international journal, published annually since 2001 by Symbiosis Center for Information Technology (SCIT). The journal is published in printed version only. However, paper title, author details and abstracts of the published papers are available online and can be seen in Previous Volumes.

    SCIT prides itself in ensuring the high quality and professional standards expected of its journal through pursuing a full double-blind refereeing process for ALL papers in accordance with the established practices of SCIT.

    Authors are invited to submit their full papers. There is neither submission fee, nor reviewing/publication fee. On acceptance of their papers after review process, authors as well as co-authors will get their respective copies of SCIT Journal (after publication) by snail mail free of cost. Only quality is required for publication.

    “A Potential Journal for your Work; A Relevant Journal to do Reviews; A Comprehensive Journal to Read”

    The Editor,

    SCIT Journal

    Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

    Plot No. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,

    Hinjawadi, MIDC,

    Pune 411057, India

    Contact No: Office: +91 20 22934308 Ext 136.

    For more information, please contact SCIT Library at

    Library Floor Plan

    library Committee Member

    Library consists of the following members:

    Dr. Dhanya Pramod Director Chairman
    Dr. Kanchan Patil Deputy Director-SCIT Member
    Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni Library Faculty in charge Member
    Dr. Anil Jadhav Faculty Member
    Dr. SVK Bharathi Faculty Member
    Prof. Apoorva Kulkarni Faculty Member
    Mrs. Savitha Nair Administrative Officer Member
    Mr. Dnyaneshwar Parkhi Library in Charge Member Secretary
    Mr. Abheet Srivastava Student Representative
    (Batch 2021-23)
    Ms.Nidhi Ringe Student Representative
    (Batch 2021-23)
    Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal Librarian– SIU Special Invitee
    Students can write their valuable feedback to the library email id at
    Apart from the regular purchase of books. Students and faculty members can suggest books to the library or email to

    A form is attached for book purchase suggestions or Use
    following URL to Suggest book-

    (*Note: Kindly use your credentials for suggesting the book)
    Library Staff
    Mr. Dnyaneshwar Parkhi

    Library Incharge


    Mr Ashok Kohok

    Sr. Library Assistant

    B.A.,B.Lib, M.Lis

    Library Attendant
    Kailas Mahadik

    Sr. Office Attendant


    Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology [ SCIT]

    Symbiosis International University

    Plot No. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park

    Phase - I, Symbiosis Infotech Campus

    MIDC, Hinjawadi

    Pune - 411057

    Tel : 020-22944160


    Every student get 4 books against the 4 library cards issued to them.
    The library information is available at OPAC[OPEN PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE].The login details are sent to students upon their registration. It is an auto generated message. Instruction sheet is also displayed in the library.
    SCIT has a library Gateway portal.Every student get auto generated email of credentials to access this portal within 15 days of their joining. All databases links are hyperlinked on portal. Instruction sheet is displayed in library.
    Books are issued for fifteen days. You can renew books if there is no reservation by other members.
    Yes, 5/-Rs fine is charged a day if you make delay.
    Yes, every year library takes ‘Library Orientation Programme’ for new students.
    Back issue of magazine/journal are issued to students against their library card.
    There are more than ten thousand books.
    Reference books are to be read only within library. They are not issuable.
    Yes, Library keeps syllabus and question bank copy.
    Yes, Library keeps CD/VCD in library for student use.
    Yes, student can donate their book to library.
    Yes, student can suggest the book to library by filling book request form or filling Library OPAC book suggestion form.
    No, Library do not provide book bank but library give set of text books each student for their permanent use.
    Library Manual - Click here