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SCIT faculty members have been recognized for their consistent contribution to academia and to the industry. Their participation is in the areas of paper presentations and reviews in the most technologically advanced domains. The contribution of the SCIT faculty members in the education domain has been rewarded with coveted awards and acknowledgements in India and abroad. Here is a brief list of the faculty appreciation.

Year of Award Faculty Name Award
2023-2024 Apoorva Kulkarni International recognition as judge at QS Reimagine Education Innovation Awards 2023.
2023-2024 Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni
Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan
Were Awarded the Second and Third prizes respectively at the Teachers’ Day Contest on the theme ‘Andragogical Innovations in Teaching, Learning, Evaluation: Good Practices’ conducted by The Symbiosis Teaching and Learning Resource Centre (STLRC)
2023-2024 Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni Best Paper Award at S-TEAM Conference organized by Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune in collaboration with EM Normandie Business School, France.
2023-2024 Dr. Dhanya Pramod
Dr. Kanchan Patil,
Dr. SVK Bharathi,
Best Paper Award- International Conference on Intelligent and Smart Computation (ICIASC-2023) July 2023.
2022-2023 Dr. SVK Bharathi,
Dr. Kanchan Patil,
Dr. Dhanya Pramod
Best Paper Award - OTCON2.0 International Conference Feb 2023.
2021-2022 Dr. Kanchan Patil Recognition for valuable and Exemplary Contribution in the Higher Education Sector by ArdorComm Media Group.
2021-2022 Dr. SVK Bharathi Inducted as Member of Advisory Board SAP at the Global level by SAP University Alliances.
2021-2022 Dr. Shaji Joseph and Prof. Vidyavati Ramteke Received Best paper - Third Prize in the International e-Conference on “The Digital Transformation in Business Re-Engineering: Post Pandemic Era of Industry 5.0” organized by Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's Institute of Business Management and Rural Development, Ahmednagar.
2020-2021 Dr. Anil Jadhav Analytics India Magazine - Data Science Faculty Excellence Award for Excellence in Research
2020-2021 Dr. Dhanya Pramod Member of BOS of Rashtriya Raksha University, Gujarat.
2020-2021 Dr. Dhanya Pramod Elsevier, Scopus - Winner of First Scopus Quiz for South Asia.
2020-2021 Prof. Vishal Pradhan S-Team Conference - Best Paper - 2nd Position award for paper titled "Benchmarking Model for Culture of Urban Traffic-Safety Management in India: Interpretive Structural Modeling Frameworks".
2019-2020 Dr. Kanchan Patil Somaiya Institute - Review manuscript: An empirical study of antecedents and consequences of brand love in personal grooming products.
2019-2020 Dr. Kanchan Patil ICSSB-Chandigarh University, Punjab - Review of Paper entitled: Brand Invovlvement and Personality Traits to enhance the Cross Buying
2019-2020 Dr. SVKBharati Singapore Institute of Technology - Invitation as a visting Scholar
2019-2020 Dr. Dhanya Pramod Digital Learning/ ElETS Technomedi, Pune - Invitation for Felicitation Ceremony of BSchools of India at 7th Higher Education and HR summit
2019-2020 Dr. Anil Jadhav Sinhagad Institute of Management, Pune - National Conferenc on Data Sciences and Analytics Innovation Summit - Best paper award for paper titled "A Study on Adaptive Recommendation System on Questions based on User Interaction"
2019-2020 Prof. Vishal Pradhan Reviewer Appreciation from Indian Journal of Transport Management, CIRT
2019-2020 Dr. Dhanya Pramod Best Paper Award at INFRACON 2019 held at SCMHRD, Pune
2018-2019 Dr. Dhanya Pramod World CSR Day and World Sustainability - Eduation Innovative Leaders Award
2018-2019 Dr. Kanchan Patil IIT Bombay and Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programme (C-DEEP) - Discussion Forum Moderator for Foundation Program in ICT for Education
2018-2019 Prof. Vishal Pradhan Reviewer of the Paper - Erosion analysis of State Transport Undertaking of India- Indian Journal of transport Management
2018-2019 Prof. Anil Jadhav Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Recognition for paper review made for the journal
2018-2019 Dr. Brijesh Sivathanu Pan IIT International Management Conference - Technology Oreinted Entrepreneurial Bricolage Strategy and Sustainability Orientation for Sustainable Enterprise Performance of Startups
2018-2019 Dr. Ajey Kumar International Conference on Communication Theory, Reliability, and Quality of Service: Recognition to be part of the technical Program Committee of CTRQ 2019
2018-2019 Dr. Mandaar Pande Analytics Vidhya Educon - Guest talk on Quantum Computing and its impact on Quantum ML
2018-2019 Prof. Vidyavati Ramteke Amrutvahini Institute of Management, Ahmednagar - Recognition for Innovative Teaching Pedagogy workshop of 2 days at Amrutvahini institute
2018-2019 Prof. Apoorva Kulkarni Amrutvahini Institute of Management, Ahmednagar - Recognition for Innovative Teaching Pedagogy workship of 2 days at Amrutvahini institute
2018-2019 Prof. Shaji Joseph Amrutvahini Institute of Management, Ahmednagar - Recognition for Innovative Teaching Pedagogy workship of 2 days at Amrutvahini institute
2017-2018 Dr. Mandaar Pande PMI Organization Center New Delhi : Invitation as a member
2017-2018 Prof. Krishnan Ramanathan ATSS College of Buisness Studies and Computer Applications - Invitation as Resources Person for the State Level quality Improvement Program
2017-2018 Dr. Kanchan Patil Dewang Mehta National Education Awards - Education Leadership Award
2017-2018 Dr. Kanchan Patil Gujarat Technological University - Best paper award for paper titled " Consumer Adoption of E-Governance Services: Applying Extended Technolgy Acceptance Model"
2017-2018 Dr. SVKBharathi University Competence Center - Queensland University of technology Brisbane - Appreciation for conduciton of first 5 day SAP S4 HANA workshop for Asian Pacific Region
2017-2018 Dr. Dhanya Pramod Dewang Mehta National Education Awards - Education Leadership Award
2015-2016 Dr. Dhanya Pramod Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education