Publications By SCIT Faculty Members

Akshay Saini, Dr. R. Krishnan 2021.

FMS (Federated Model as a service) for healthcare.

“FMS (Federated Model as a service) for healthcare: an automated secure framework for a personalized recommendation system,” Cardiometry.

Sunil Kumar Dilip Kumar and Hemraj Shobharam Lamkuche 2021.

TPA Auditing to Enhance the Privacy and Security in Cloud Systems.

Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility

Mithunasri LV, Dr. Anil Jadhav 2021.

Influence of Self-Perception and Importance of Body Image on the Methods Implemented to Enhance the Physical Appearance.

Changing Societies and Personalities

Nilasha Bandyopadhyay, Dr.Anil Jadhav 2021.

Churn Prediction of Employees Using Machine Learning Techniques.


Dr. Krishna Kumar 2021.

A Review of Publicly Available Automatic Brain Segmentation Methodologies, Machine Learning Models, Recent Advancements, and Their Comparison.

Annals of Neurosciences