Publications By SCIT Faculty Members

 Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni and Pallavi Lakhe 2020..

FinTech Regulations: Need, Superpowers and Bibliometric Analysis.

Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal)

Angelina Gokhale, Dr. Dhanya Pramod 2020.

A Bibliometric Analysis of Digital Image Forensics.

Science & Technology Libraries


Dr. Dhanya Pramod 2020.

Novel Language Resources for Hindi: An Aesthetics Text Corpus and a Comprehensive Stop Lemma List.

International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications

Prof. Vidyavati Ramteke, Parul Munjal 2020.

Integrating Built Heritage in Development Planning: Small and medium towns of Gurgaon District.

International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering

 Dr. SVK Bharathi,Dr. Mandaar Pande 2020.

Theoretical Foundations of Design Thinking–A Constructivism Learning Approach to Design Thinking.

Thinking Skills and Creativity