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Atharva is a monthly newsletter published by the Web and Media Committee of SCIT. The newsletter consists of latest information on all the events that take place in the college. Students actively contribute articles and photographs to the newsletter and ensure that nobody misses out on knowing the details of any event that has happened in the college.

The newsletter captures all the Guest Lectures, various events hosted by the college and also the celebrations done at SCIT. A separate section is devoted to the contributions of the faculty members. The faculty of SCIT write on various trends that are of importance in their field of study and also contribute their research papers. A column is dedicated to highlight the works of SCIT’s alumni in the industry. “Star Alumni of the month” captures this and gives the readers a glimpse of the achievements of fellow SCITians. The combined effort of the faculty and students makes the readers look forward to the latest editions of Atharva every month.