University Alliance Partner of SAP

SCIT is an University Alliance Partner of SAP

"This enables an experiential learning environment by imparting SAP ERP hands-on practice on core modules and their integration."

SAP provides SCIT with:
Software licensing for teaching purpose (via a hosted software model platform called University Competency Center), Access to curriculum materials, and academic exchange events, Free license to latest version of SAP software, Faculty workshop, Faculty Training and Certification, Updated Global curriculum, Networking platform - Regional Academic Conference, Provide Access to SAP Products and authorized datasets in a hosted environment, Major Supported products are ECC6 and Business Suite

In addition to classroom and SAP-lab assignments, the students are expected to work on field assignments and try to map the core processes in select industries like manufacturing, retailing etc., so as to reinforce their learning with industry practices. The students are expected to take up assignments and mini-projects on these modules by creating different companies for trading generic products like pens, bottles, watches and bicycles based on which they are tested and evaluated.