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TEDx SIUHinjewadi 2024

Aswattha Unfolds: Embracing Roots in Modern Skies

TEDx SIUHinjewadi 2024
TEDx SIUHinjewadi 2024

The captivating metaphor of "Aswattha: The Inverted Tree of Life," a TEDx event that unfolded like a symphony of diverse perspectives. The 10th edition of this event was organized under the mentorship of Apoorva Kulkarni.

Dr. Vidya Yervadekar set the tone, weaving tales of gunas and sanskaras. Her message resonated: a strong foundation - family, education, unwavering support - is the bedrock of personal and professional growth. Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman echoed this, lamenting the "rat race" of modern education and urging a return to holistic learning, embracing peers, life experiences, and passions beyond exam scores.

Abhilash Bhardwaj then took us on a techno-spiritual journey, where robots serve nature and ethical AI mirrors the Aswattha's unyielding values. He envisioned a future rooted in villages, echoing Gandhi's wisdom, and reminded us that technology is merely a tool to reach our inherent humanity. Prachi Jain's talk blossomed with empathy, her designs inspired by the silent language of observation and the power of listening.

Manraj's poetry, "Kaash," resonated with vulnerability and longing, reminding us that the human experience is a tapestry woven with both joy and regret. Sara Shipchandler, a soulful vocalist, graced the TEDx stage with her mesmerizing melodies like "Stay." Her songs, a symphony of emotions, resonated deeply, leaving hearts stirred and spirits uplifted. Ranjeet Sanyal, a comedic maestro, expertly navigated the stage with wit and charm. His humor illuminated the room, keeping the laughter flowing in perfect form. Symbeats, a dynamic dance group of our institute, brought the epic saga of the Mahabharata to life through their choreography, which was a fusion of tradition and innovation, spinning tales of valor.

Shivshakti Sachdev, conquering her own aerophobia, shared her mantra of embracing rejection and learning from peers. Her powerful message - the universe has something for everyone - resonated, urging us to believe in our own unique paths.

Dr. Bhavesh Bhatia's story resonated with resilience. Blind since birth, he defied limitations, empowering others and igniting a flame of hope. His mother's words, "Never give up," echoed through his talk, a testament to the power of inner strength and perseverance. Jaan Kumar Sanu, the musical maestro, closed the event with a harmonious blend of passion and perseverance. His journey, from childhood prodigy to established artist resonated with the spirit of Aswattha: unwavering roots propelling him to ever-greater heights.

"Aswattha: The Inverted Tree of Life" was more than just a TEDx event. It was a conversation, an exploration of the invisible forces that shape us. It reminded us that our true strength lies in the depths of our being, in the values, connections, and passions that form the bedrock of our existence.