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22nd National Seminar 2021

The global pandemic has forever transformed how organizations around the world operate. We are gradually moving towards a product- enabled service model. Organizations have to constantly innovate in the product space to stay relevant in the competitive technology market. In order to effectively manage the product, we need to understand the changing needs of the user. The crux of this challenge lies in how businesses can effectively strategize and manage user needs to showcase their products and services. It would be an opportune moment to revise the techniques and analyze if these changes are likely to be long-term or even permanent.
The present COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the resulting economic slump, are forcing businesses to rethink their strategies and plans. Although details on the pandemic's full scope and length are still emerging, major repercussions on product portfolios and roadmaps for most enterprises are visible. Firms were subjected to unprecedented shocks during COVID-19. Business supply lines, as well as their connections with consumers and employees, were disrupted, and demand plunged, as no one knew what would happen next.
In some situations, however, the crisis provided an opportunity for innovative businesses, particularly those that increased their use of digital technology. Product management serves as a proxy for the entire business, spanning strategy, offer and pricing design, UX and product definition, and product operations. It is thus naturally at the heart of the organization's effect. Their collective task is to steer the corporate ship with steady hands in both the calm and rough waters of the marketplace. Also, keep an eye on trends and combining that with collective talents and expertise, to safely navigate the their goals at the fastest possible speed.
The organization's current focus has shifted from developing a customer- driven product to providing the appropriate product to the right people. Organizations should be working on rethinking their product strategies to provide more value to their customers.